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  • Casing Pipe

    Diameter :from 4 1/2 inch to 20 inch (48.26mm - 508mm) ( Casing)
    Size: OD: 48.26mm-114.3mm ( Tubing)
    Nominal Weight: from 9.5 lb/ft to 169 lb/ft, from 9.5 ppf to 169 ppf
    Lenght: R1, R2, R3
    Casing Pipe
Casing Pipe+

Grades of Casing pipe:

  • API 5CT H40
  • API 5CT J55
  • API 5CT K55
  • API 5CT M65
  • API 5CT N80 (1,Q)
  • API 5CT L80 (9Cr,13Cr)
  • API 5CT C90
  • API 5CT T95
  • API 5CT P110
  • API 5CT Q125
Sizes of Casing pipe:
Diameter :from 4 1/2 inch  to 20 inch  (48.26mm - 508mm)
Nominal Weight: from 9.5 lb/ft  to 169 lb/ft, from 9.5 ppf  to 169 ppf
 Lenght: R1, R2, R3

Types of Casing pipe:
Seamless casing (small-diameter, medium-diameter)
ERW casing (medium-diameter)
Casing nipple
Casing coupling

Applications of casing pipe: 

oil well extracting casing
borehole casing
borewell casing

Connections of casing pipe
API 5CT is applicable to following connections which complied with API SPEC 5B:
• SC: Short round thread casing
• LC: Long ound thread casing
• BC: Buttress thread casing
• NU: Non-upset tubing
• EU: External upset tubing
• IJ: Integral tubing connections

4 Groups of Grade
• Group 1: All casing and tubing in Grades with H, J, K, N and R
• Group 2: All casing and tubing in Grades with C, L, M and T
• Group 3: All casing and tubing in Grade P
• Group 4: All casing in Grade Q