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Inspection & Transport

Inspection & Transport

The inspection of steel pipe generally includes: inspection of geometric dimensions and surface quality; inspection of chemical composition, mechanical properties, process properties, high and low magnification structure; non-destructive testing;inspection and length measurement and weighing of some special properties. The transport of steel pipe is one of the key links to ensure the smooth progress of the project. The choice of steel pipe transportation plan directly affects the progress of the project.
  • Visual Inspections

    Visual Inspections

  • NDT Ultrasonic Inspection

    NDT Ultrasonic Inspection

  • Chemical Composition Inspection

    Chemical Composition Inspection

  • Inspection of Plate Thickness

    Inspection of Plate Thickness

  • Transportation to destination

    Transportation to destination

  • Transportation outside Warehouse

    Transportation outside Warehouse

  • Shipping at Port of Departure

    Shipping at Port of Departure

  • Internal Transportation

    Internal Transportation